The Most Frequent Pathways FAQ I got asked…

Q. Can I work in both the traditional programs and Pathways?
(I recommend TI add this to the official Pathways FAQ)

A. Before the end of the 2-year grace period, a member who joined Toastmasters before Pathways rolled out:

– may work on Pathways immediately when it rolls out in their district
– may continue working on the traditional education program to complete awards
– may work on projects in either program with / in any club they attend, even if that club is in a different District or has not started using pathways
– may work on both programs at the same time, may switch between projects on either program
– may NOT count a single speech for credit in both programs. Each speech counts only in one project – either in traditional program or Pathways

Members who first join Toastmasters after Pathways rolled out in their club may only work in Pathways

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