If you do the same Pathways Path twice …. things to know

A member may find that they just *LOVE* a particular Pathways path. And a member may work on one or all of the paths at the same time (as long as they have all been purchased)

It is *not* possible to have 2 instances of the same path (for example “Presentation Mastery”) active at the same time.
In other words, once you begin Presentation Mastery you must complete all Levels (Leve 1-5) to complete the path before you could purchase that same path and start it again at Level 1 projects.

One more thing to know: once you activate a path you have done / completed before. The previous instance will be removed from your transcript… that includes the removal of your completion certificates:

Implication and recommendation: Download and save off of Pathways BaseCamp copies of all your completion certificates if you think you will ever do a path more than once

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