There is a lot to learn about Pathways Evaluations

Pathways has many resources including tutorials, videos, downloadable full project training pdfs, and evaluation sets.

In fact, there are 3 places a member can download/get the 3-page evaluation resource for a project.

The first/best place – where any member – a speaker, an evaluator or anyone can get the evaluation resource from a project is the Evaluation resource.

Pathways evaluations are not saved by BaseCamp, so it is incorrect to say that evaluations can be filled out “online” The accurate way to state and understand things is that there are fillable pdfs evaluations which may be filled out in a pdf reader on any device that supports one.

The Evaluations forms for each project are also in the project pdf if you download that, and in each online project there is a link to the pdf of the Evaluation resources for that project – NOTE: THESE pdfs are NOT FILLABLE. The look just the same as the pdfs available from the baseCamp “Evaluation Resource” tab, but they cannot be typed onto!

That saved, filled in pdf may be sent to the speaker for that member to upload to their own BaseCamp e-portfolio if they like. This is not required.
Evaluators may also like to save and upload all of the evaluations they make too!

There is a great online training module in pathways to learn all about Evaluations and in fact to practice and see how your evaluation scoring compares to an experienced evaluator!

I highly recommend that all Pathways users use this resource.

You can find it fairly easily by searching for “How to Evaluation” once click on the “tutorials and resources” link in Pathways. Enjoy

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