Pathways Feedback and member awarded badges… (part 1)

Pathways introduces additional formal/official ways to and received give feedback to members beyond speech evaluations.

This article just is an overview of the concepts -later articles will include more details

Step 1 – access the “My Feedback” section by click on the menu tile labeled “My Feedback”



 STEP 2A – Request Feedback

A member may request feedback – from one or more particular members – or from anyone/everyone in the club on a particular role they performed – It could be a speech, an evaluation or almost any other role that a member wants feedback on.




The Feedback page allows a member to requestJust fill in the description of what you are requesting feedback on a nd check boxes to indicate if you also would like club members to consider proving feedback, awarding badges or both….




or STEP 2B  –  Give Feedback/Badges to other members:

Members can login to Pathways and use the Options menu (see 2. in image below- that number and arrow were added by me to the screenshot) … to see a list of requests for feedback made by other members. then the member may provide feedback and award badges  (more details on that in later posts)



And you will see a list of any feedback and badge request members have made which you can provide.

Enjoy… and stay tuned for more!

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