Month: May 2010

Club Officer Trainer? Time to “RTFM” …

It’s almost time for the first round of Toastmasters Phase I Club Officer Training (COT) – and here is a call for Trainers to “RTFM” (Read The FINE Manual 🙂

If you are attending training you will hear most trainers say, “Make sure you read the ‘When You Are Vice President Membership manual” (for example). That is great. In fact these manuals change every year.

I wonder how many COT trainers download the freely available manuals ahead of time (They are usually mailed out to clubs in late May.)

Many trainers like to train using their “vast experience” – that is GREAT – but they do need to be informed on what Toastmasters International is telling the officers in the manual – this year. These manuals in fact change most years.

The 2010 editions are available from links of the officer pages at (go to the specific office and look for the manual link at the bottom of that page)

When you get an email from District or Division officers telling you about upcoming COT – email them back and say “Thanks!” and add – “please ensure that the trainers have reviewed the new “When You Are… ” officer manuals before finalizing their training plan …”

You will be helping the trainers and EVERYONE they train!