Month: September 2011

Competent Kate?

I am passing along an email I was copied on, from an energetic Toastmaster leader.
It is funny, the connections people make!
What do you think?


Here is what was in the email

” … as a result of a comment that a guest at a demo meeting last night at Woodgreen Community Centre made regarding the girl on the CC manual.
Some background: The group at Woodgreen consisted primarily of new Canadians, who are looking for work, and who attended the session to learn more about TM.

When I showed the newly branded CC manual at the meeting, one gentlemen asked, “Oh, is that Kate Middleton on the cover?”

I took a second a look and thought, “Yeah – well, close enough”, and soon was referring to our beloved CC manual as the “Competent Kate Manual”.

You be the judge: Have a look at the attached .gif file, which actually compares the Toastmasters Kate with the “real” Kate! What do you think?

I’m up for getting my “Competent Kate” designation!”

A new DCP proposal

A proposal for a new Club DCP

If I were to redesign the Toastmasters DCP (Distinguished Club Program), using the information that TI has for clubs, and I am proposing this for NON Advanced clubs only (which usually have quite different club make-up and goals than regular clubs).

A. Competent COMMUNICATION (max 8)
# CCs – 1 point each, 2 points if the CC is a first-timer rather than an repeat by an experienced memBER, (Unlimited number of repeat CCsb ut max points for 4 new ones)

B. Competent LEADERSHIP (max 8)
# CLs – 1 point each 2 points if the CL is a first-timer rather than an repeat by an experienced member (Unlimited number of repeat CCsb ut max points for 4 new ones)

C. Advanced Communications (max 8)
# ACB/ACS 1 point each (max 4)
#ACG 1 point each (max 4)

D. Advanced leadership (max 9)
#ALBs 1 point each (max 7)
#ALS – this one is tricky – it awards a club in the year following the members service – I like the idea of this being awarded retroactively until July 31
1 point each (maximum 2)

E. Officers trained: (Round I being Julyne-Aug, Round II being Dec-Feb) (max 4)
Four or more in Round I – 1 point
Six or more in Round I – 2 points

Four or more in Round II – 1 point
Six or more in Round II – 2 points

F. Membership retention/growth (0 or 7)
Attaining 20 or more membership or +5 over previous year: 5 points – NOT a minimum requirement to be distinguished, but if not you get 0 points for this …


Retaining over 90% of members from the previous year

G. Administrative (max 6)
Submitting officer lists on time – 3 point
Submitting minimum club renewals on time both April and October: 3 point

DTM – no extra credit in DCP

Max possible: 50, A+B+C+D+E+F+G

Then determine 3 levels of distinguished awards ….
25+ points = Distinguished
30+ points = Select
40+ points = President Distinguished

(I was thinking of including credit for Area Governor visit – but … can’t blame club if AG a no-show….)

ALL of the above can be tracked by TI automatically, nothing is open to interpretation, and it is easy to think in terms of tens (10,20,30) for the levels….