Month: November 2012

I’m not on a “journey”, thank you very much

I’m not on a TM “journey” , thank you very much
(Warning: this is a rant)

My transparent facial expressions reveal my feeling every time I cringe every time I hear someone ask someone something like, “How long have you been on your Toastmasters Journey?”

I don’t know why it bothered me, but I did not and do not like it when the word “Journey” is used like that.

I heard an Ice Breaker speech yesterday while visiting a close club as guest speaker. The young woman gave a great speech and then in the third part said , “Now I want to tell you what I see in the future part of my Journey …” and I winced inside and though, “Darn, you had me loving this 100% til now”

Then, at the speed of thought, she said, “Let me change that, because *Journey* seems to me to be a word with possibilities as a negative, I prefer the word *adventure* which is full of positivity, challenge and fun”

Thank you Emily, for a wonderful speech and for explaining to me my *issue* and giving me the solution.

Enjoy your Toastmasters (and all other) adventures!

Gag me with a Gag Order II

First it was …
Gag me with a Gag Order (
Sep 25th, 2009

Message from the Official Toastmasters Facebook Group –
From Gary Schmidt:
Effective immediately, I have asked Board members to refrain from responding to questions about policy and guidelines on social media sites and all social networks, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Ning. If you have specific questions regarding Toastmasters International policies and guidelines, please visit to select the appropriate contact for your inquiry.
Members of the Board, myself included, may remain members of this forum to listen to and learn from your feedback and ideas, but will not be responding to discussions. We do value and listen to the voice of every member, not just on social networking sites, but in all forms of communication.

Well, how is that for effective oral communication?

in 2012 Intl Director CANDIDATES – people announced to be running for office – may not participate in social media on TI issues… Gag me More…

TI hits a Home Run with “Club Officer Essentials”

Toastmasters International added an online video tutorial providing club officers (and anyone) with broad, quick information about the Toastmasters educational program, the Distinguished Club Program (DCP), officer roles, meeting roles and more.

The only downer: It is Adobe Flash based – so that may stop it from being used on many mobile devices.

It is just over 20 minutes in length if you watch all the sections and click on all topics and links.

I don’t know who “marcus” is though!!

Watch it and encourage all your club officers to take 20 minutes this month to get Essential Club Officer information – Free!