Competent/Advanced Evaluator Track proposal

Anyone who is a Toastmaster surely values effective evaluations and excellent feedback. I propose the development of the “Competent Evaluator” track. TI is missing a formal education and recognition program for development of evaluation and feedback.

Please join in let’s get TI to add this worthwhile program. We need your help to brainstorm and design the program: This has evolved into a 2 part track, “Competent Evaluator” and “Advanced Evaluator”.

Next steps include
Where does it apply?

Performance Appraisals
Conflict Resolution

1. Drafting outlines of materials for the manuals. The manuals need to have evaluation/feedback forms for the evaluator, lots of advice, best practices, hints, tips and resources.

We need to explain how these processes will benefit people beyond “Toastmaster” activities and into their lives and professional careers.

2. Draft requirements for each track – subject to revision.

Proposed Competent Evaluator requirements:
– have completed CC
– Evaluate 10 CC manual speeches (no more than 3 for any speech project type and must include a speech project #9 or #10 evaluation)
– Evaluate an educational module presentation
– Present “Evaluate to Motivate”
– Serve as General Evaluator 3 times or more

Advanced Evaluator requirements: – subject to revision.
– have completed Competent Evaluator
– have evaluated an additional 3 speeches outside home club
– have evaluated 2 advanced manual speeches
– have presented “the art of effective evaluation”
– Serve as General Evaluator at 2 outside clubs
– Evaluate at least one activity for each of the 10 CL projects


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