How a BaseCamp Manager approves a Pathways Level completion

In 3 steps.

After a member completes the required courses plus minimum number of Electives (in Levels 3/4/5) in a Level, the member has to enabled and “Mark Complete” the Level.
When this is done an email is sent to the club BaseCap Managers. The BaseCamp Manager must approve the Level completion before the member will have access to the next level or get credit for Level 5/path completion.

There are 3 steps for the Base Camp Manager to do this – it is very simple and easy.

  1. Login as BaseCamp Manager
  2. Open Pending requests Page”/Click on Pending Request Tile
  3. Click on green checkmark to approve any pending requests


3 thoughts on “How a BaseCamp Manager approves a Pathways Level completion”

  1. I’m not quite clear, does clicking on the green check mark end all administrative tasks with a blanket approval? Or does it just open up the different parts and you are supposed to review that tests were filled in, and each part was separately accomplished somehow? Thanks

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