Pathways- when choosing “Home Club” matters…

Every time a member logs into Base Camp on pathways, a member must select their home club and role in that club.

For most members – there is no choice, they are members of only one club, and they are not a Basecamp Manager for that club, so they simply “Login in as a  Member” to their only club every time.

For dual members, people who are members of more than one club where Pathways has rolled out, there are a couple effects of which “Home club” is selected.

  • Approval requests – both external training and level completion
  • Sending new Feedback requests, giving badges etc

For doing most training and reading of BaseCamp materials online, the choice of home club is irrelevant, The member has access to all purchased paths and activated levels from any home club.

When it makes a critical difference is when the member makes an approval request – either for “External Training” or completion of a level. In both of these situations, the request can only be approved by the BaseCamp Managers of the home club the member is most recently logged into.
the request for level approval “moves with” the member if they change home clubs by a new login to Pathways.

External training requests are more of a courtesy and the member can proceed without approval in Basecamp. Feedback requests can be answered by original home club even after the member changes home club by a new login.

Level completions are more important.
Only the BaseCamp Managers of the club the member most recently logged into can approve requests – Note:  requesting an education award  is separate and NOT done in Pathways at all – IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH DECIDING WHICH CLUB THE MEMBER WILL SUBMIT AN EDUCATIONAL AWARD WITH.

If a dual member has received a request for feedback from a member – they can see and respond to that request even if they change to another home club.

BUT – the dual member can only send new feedback requests and see the profiles of ONLY members of the home club they are currently logged into.

Further, when you login to a home club, the basecamp managers of that club can see what you are working on in Pathways, even if you started those levels / paths before joining that club.

NOTE 2: If you are a dual members, clubs A and B. When you are logged in with Club B as your home club, the BaseCamp Manager of Club A cannot see your progress – you effectively become invisible – not shown as part of that club – until you again log in to club A as your home club.


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