Uploading Evaluations … and other Files in Pathways

Each member has an online file storage system provided by Pathways BaseCamp called the “e-Portfolio”.
it is accessed by:

  1. Login to BaseCamp
  2. click on “Education Transcript” tile
  3. Click on “E-portfolio”

Once in the E-portfolio, a member can upload files of many types and see all of their e-Badges.
To upload documents, the member selects Documents:

Then navigate to any of the folders: one for each Level (1-5) + “My documents”
One cannot add to, delete or rename these 6 folders.

Any files uploaded are for the individual member’s use. Not for sharing.
No one else can see them
No one else can upload files to another member’s E-portfolio.

Maximum document size: 20 MB
Document /Files types allowed:  Most office, image, audio and video file types including zip files
ONLY: “ppt”, “pdf”, “png”, “txt”, “zip”, “xls”, “xlsx”, “pptx”, “doc”, “docx”, “jpg”, “mp3”, “avi”, “csv”, “psd”, “eps”, “css”, “mpeg”, “htm”, “html”, “wav”, “mp4”, “gif”, “bmp”, “mov
The only other restriction is the numbecharactersaters in the file name, limited to around 44 characters – I will verify this…

Click on “Add File”,

A pop-up window will appear select the file on your local device and click on “Add’ button – that is it!


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