How different are Pathways Paths (focus: Level 2)

In Toastmasters Pathways, each path includes 14 projects:
10 required projects and 4 electives =  15 speeches (with few exceptions)

Level 1 is 100% exactly the same in all 10 paths.  3 projects and 4 speeches

  • 8101 Ice Breaker
  • 8100 Evaluation and Feedback
  • 8102 Researching and Presenting

Level 2 is the first place paths diverge a bit.
Level 2 has 3 projects with 3 speeches.

  • All 10 paths include the project “8204-Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring”.
  • All 10 paths include at least one of the “Understanding your style projects”
    (3 paths have both “Understanding your… style” projects
  • 8 of 10 paths include “8207 Understanding Your Leadership Style”
  • 5 of 10 paths include “8206 Understanding Your Communication Style”

For 3 paths a project called “8200L3 Active Listening” is required and involves serving as Table TopicsMaster. It is an elective in Level3 of all other paths.

Similarly, in  2 more paths the third project is a Level 3 elective other paths:  

  • 8203L3 Effective Body Language (path:
  •  8201L3 Connect with Your Audience

In the remaining 2 paths, there is a unique required 3rd project that is not available anywhere else in Pathways, required or elective. If you want to do either of these level 2 projects you must select these paths:

  • 8202 Cross Cultural Understanding (in Strategic Relationships path)
  • 8205 Managing Time (Leadership Development path

A future article will look at Levels 3/4/5: 4 required and 4 elective projects.


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