Don’t you have a nice … back of your head

The past 2 Toastmasters meeting I attended were chaired by very nice, gracious Toastmasters.
Both of them followed their clubs’ “way of doing things” and sat unobtrusively …. behind the speaker.

Oops. Now I am not against unobstrusion (how is that for obfuscation 🙂 ? However …

The speaker deserves to have all in the room as part of their audience – including the chair/Toastmaster of the Day.
It also helps the chair be in the moment – it is far harder to get distracted reviewing the agenda and thinking about what comes next while you are actively listening to a speaker.

C’mon Down! take a seat (near the front is OK – in fact good!) and join us regular old Toastmasters in the audience when you are the chair. You’ll enjoy the show!

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