How many speeches in each Path?

** If we count Active Listening – as TopicsMaster as a “speech”
** If we do not count Speech Evaluation as a speech (otherwise add 1 to each path)

Motivational Strategies (MS), Visionary Communication (VC):
16-19  L1(4), L2(3), L3(3-4), L4(2-3), L5(4-5)

Innovative Planning(IP) :  17-18 L1(4), L2(3),L3(3-4), L4(3), L5(4)

Effective Coaching (EC) / Persuasive Influence (PI):
16-18 L1(4), L2(3),L3(3-4), L4(2-3), L5(4)

Dynamic Leadership (DL), Leadership Development (LD), Team Collaboration (TC), Presentation Mastery (PM), Strategic Relationships (SR)
                                  15-18  L1(4), L2(3), L3(3-4), L4(2-3), L5(3-4)

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