Come Over to the Dark Side …


I mean it – I heard a speech evaluation this week which ended with:
“And I tried really hard but I couldn’t come up with any suggestions”.That is WHITEWHASHING. And it does little to benefit the speaker or anyone else in the audience.Today, I talk about why Whitewashing is Bad, Bad, Bad –  and how to make it good, better, best.

By the way, it irks me when people start (or “middle”) “I’ll also tell you what I didn’t like about your speech.”
WHAT? That is not evaluation.

Our growth and improvement comes through the repeated cycle of action, effective feedback, and (re)cycle.

As Randy on American Idol would say, “Dog, check this out,”: PEOPLE DO NOT WANT YOU OPINION.

It is worth saying again: PEOPLE DO NOT WANT YOUR OPINION.

They want your ANALYSIS (Sorry for all the shouting, I do get worked up about this.)

Competent Evaluation (I will soon revive my proposal for Toastmasters to offer “Competent Evaluator Bronze, Silver and Gold) involves suggestions.

WHITEWASH EXTERMINATION PROPOSAL: IF anyone – including you or me – ever gives a whitewash speech evaluation, the General Evaluator and all club members will take action.

Action: Gently but firmly counsel the Whitewasher. Give them feedback, which might be something like, “You did a good job in pointing out positive things and parts of the speech you liked. We are all here to develop and grow further, of course. That comes from analysis of what we do and specific recommendations.

Further Action:

  • Put  them in the “Whitewasher doghouse”. (OK, call it the “Evaluator Improvement Throne” if you like 🙂
  • The Whitewashers must attend and observe at least 5 speech evaluation before they are asked to do another one.
  • Ask them to consider presenting the Successful Club Series Program: Evaluate to Motivate – If one has to teach something, they will usually remember 95% of it it.

Come over to the dark side (we have cookies) and help stamp out whitewash speech evaluations!

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