A Better Contestant Interview

At speech contests, are you – like me – tired of the same old – “What club are you from? Why did you first join Tastmasters?” interview questions of contestants (while the votes are tallied?)
Hate filling out “biodata” forms just to have them ignored anyway?

Here is my proposal:
Replace biodata from with “Contestant Interview Form”
1. Name – with phonetic pronunciation
2. Club name and location (with pronunciation)
3. How long have you been a Toastmaster?

The above will be used to introduce you after the contest when we
interview the contestants. In other words. The contest chair will tell everyone your name, club affiliation and how long you have been a Toastmasters – per your written answers. THEN they will interview you.

About you:

4. Is there something specific you would like me to ask you about?

5. Is there anything you DO NOT want me to ask about?

6. May I ask you about the content of your speech?

7. Please list some hobbies, interest or unique/interesting things
about you that I may ask about:

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