2 heads are better than one …


Even if they are both YOUR head?

It’s time for Toastmasters Club Officer Training (COT) again – does that make you 🙂 or 🙁 ?

Many people need to be dragged to this, especially veterans – too bad, they can often add a lot to the discussions – especially in Phase I training.

But what about people who are officers for the first time or holding a specific office for the first time. Of course, “we” STRONGLY recommend that they attend club officer training, and most do – mainly because they are trying to help get that DCP point for 4 officers trained.

Here’s a thought, if one COT session is a GREAT idea for all ‘new’ officers, how great is attending 2 (or more) COT sessions?

If you are a new club officer, new to your role, don’t stop at one! Plan to attend at least 2 COT sessions in Phase one – an extra couple hours now and you may get a head/jump start that will pay off for the rest of the year!

What you might get: cheap edibles, great networking opportunities, and a chance to rethink what you just thought (learned) about 🙂

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