But they meant well

I recently attended a local Toastmasters club as a guest and it was a great meeting: Run crisply on time, with energy and enthusiasm with a nice. welcoming. inclusive community feel. A very nice group of people. (Of course, I made some recommendations to the club at the end 😉

They are an appreciative bunch – one of them bought gifts for each of their outgoing officers in appreciation of their efforts. At the meeting, one member raised a motion to reimburse the cost from club funds and the motion passed unanimously.

I raised my hand and told them I applauded their sentiment. I also told them what they were doing might be in violation of the
club constitution (pdf). I suggested they check and amend their club constitution if they like.

I told them I was sorry! 🙂

What would you do? Do we have an obligation to point this stuff out or is it better to “look the other way”?
For better or worse, and meaning well, I find the latter harder to do

Article XI Legal Status and Dissolution:
Sec. 1. This Club is an unincorporated association formed solely for
the purpose of privately educating its individual members. This Club is not legally affiliated with
any company, agency, or special interest group from which this Club may draw its individual members.
The use of the funds of this Club shall be limited to educational purposes. They may not be used
for social or political purposes, or for the benefit of any individual.

Additional comment:  4 July
Based on various offline discussions, I am very glad I raised the issue and informed the club of official policy…

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