Heeeeeeeere’s Johnny!

Until you have hosted a nationally televised talk show for 10 or more years you need a GREAT introduction to your talks and presentations.

Let me be more specific. The talks, speeches and presentations which you deliver need great introductions.

And the best introductions are not about YOU – they are not even really about your talk as much as about the audience and why the audience should listen and care.

I think speech introductions are the most neglected thing in Toastmasters. Week in week out, at so many clubs, I hear uninspiring intros. Last week was no exception, I heard something to the effect:
“So those are the objectives. I don’t have his title, but please welcome up John to give his speech.”

Yuck! Not even a title? That means that the speaker couldn’t be bothered to come up with or at least communicate the title, let alone write an introduction. AND, the Toastmaster didn’t check with the speaker for an introduction ahead of time!

And don’t give me your bio. I DON’T CARE. I want to know about your speech and why it will be worth listening to!

Craig Valentine says it better than I can: Read his article here

Toastmasters: C’mon print out the objectives – let people read them to themselves. Give the Toastmaster of the Day an introduction that puts the audience on the edge of their seats!

But, please, for ME, never give a Toastmasters speech again without writing an introduction which fires up the audience!

Update: 6 July … And then today I visited a TM club which chartered about 2 months ago and the Toastmaster had great, spot on introductions for both speakers- Ice breaker Speakers – way to go IO!

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