How Transparent is TOO Transparent?

Is it a good/bad/great idea for Toastmasters websites to make available to District POTs (Plain Old Toastmasters) the weekly District Performance Reports.
These detail, among other things, the District goals and performance against those along with list of people who have sponsored members, achieved educational awards, clubs which have not submitted officer lists yet, etc.
They are available in a format which makes easier perusing that one at a time on the TI site.

Is that TOO much information? Is it Too Transparent? Can one be TOO Transparent in a non-profit self-improvement organization?


By the way, I am not asking if those reports are essential to POTs, but whether they should be made available – for the sake of Transparency. And maybe the side benefit of having POTs get a peek into some behind the scene workings at activities and data up the TI chain …

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