Website of the month – 2010-September

A blog based club website.
I have reviewed club websites and awarded ‘ Website of the Month’ award to a custom website and to a freetoasthost website. This month, the winner is a 3rd method: a blog based club website.

and the winner is …

This is a very nice looking and well working website!

A long list of very small suggestions:

  • The link in the top menu: Meeting Resources goes to a page named “meeting-roles” (this is a bit confusing). The page could be improved by making the
    list of items into live links to pages (on this site or TI) which provide details about each item. Similarly for the ‘Tracks’ pages, add links

  • The ‘Contact Us’ page is a bit bare and ‘cold’, Adding a simple bit of text might make the page seem friendlier and less intimidating to non-members.
  • On the calendar on the right, every meeting has a mouse over with the same location/time info. It would be better to have that standard info on the page without a mouseover.
  • It would be nice to see a link to their District website
  • If one drills through ‘How to Join’ then clicks on ‘I’d like to attend a Meeting’ the bland ‘Contact Us’ page is presented. It might be better to take the user to a page with the upcoming meeting time, location and a map – do they need to send an email to attend?

So many good things done well!

  • The site is clean, neat and organized throughout. It looks classy. It exudes confidence, welcoming and competence. Nice logo!
  • The calendar on the right side is great in showing that the club is alive and that the website is live and recent.
  • The website has info for visitors as well as members (Club Awards Received)
  • he FAQ page is excellent, easy to read and understand, lots of useful info.
  • The home page is important on a website like this – people may leave if it is not well done. The TDT home page is well done. It is neat, clean, organized and has lots of white space.
  • The icons on the home page are bright, colorful and interesting.
  • The list “Past Debate Topics” works well – it is fun, provocative and gives a great insight into the nature/culture of the club.
  • The bold Q & A on the top right on the home page is perhaps the most excellent, simple, and highly effective to-the-point feature.

I could go on 🙂 but I recommend that you visit this site and see for yourself what a nice blog based club website can be!

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