10 things you might not know about Toastmasters

Who Knew?1. Clubs are required to vote into membership every new member – before they officially become a member – before the application is sent/submitted to TI. (” … your club must vote in members in order to retain its charter”)
2. Speech contest contestants are not required to attend a contest briefing.
3. To get credit every speech project must have a written and oral evaluation – even if done outside Toastmasters club meeting.
4. The first Ralph Smedley led ‘Toastmasters’ meeting was not in 1924 (although previous Toastmasters clubs closed and did not lead to what is TI today)
5. There is no specified penalty in a speech contest for going outside the official speaking area. It is all up to the judges.
6. You do not have to do the speech projects in order (in any manual – not even in the CC manual)
7. You may do a speech more than once, with different objectives, for credit as a different speech project (hopefully it will be better the next time)
8. A person may not be elected to second consecutive 12-month term as club president (although TI does not ever seem to enforce this)
9. You can complete more than one CC manual in a single year (but each club may only get credit for one CC award/member). This applies to ANY individual educational award – not just a CC.
10. You can only get credit for one Speech and one CL role per meeting.

Did I get something wrong?

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