No Laughing Matter …

Many clubs include a JokeMaster or Humor Master or have the timer or “Toaster” give a Toast, tip or joke.
So far so good.

I regret the internet for one reason only – I used to be the best joke teller almost anyone had ever met (before the Internet I didn’t know a lot of people 🙂 I can tell a mean joke and, and I can remember a lot of jokes – and – before the internet, I had a secret list of punch lines on a couple pages in very small print.
When I got my hands on a new crowd, I’d excuse myself, pull out the punch line “database” (papers) review a few punch lines and go back in and knock ’em dead.

Now, virtually every joke has been emailed to every person 400 times.
The good news is that many people still don’t remember jokes (or apparently don’t read every single email they receive like me) and the art of the joke is not dead. Great jokes never dies – unless someone tries to kill a joke by reading it

Jokes are made for TELLING. C’mon Toastmasters – it;s not an original speech of 5-7 minutes, review the joke and then TELL IT – embellish, act, play but PLEASE don;t read jokes to me! Just rehearse it a couple times, PREPARE it ahead of time – it will give you a chance to smile (or frown) and make eye contact during the joke. Someday you will be Jokemaster – find a joke now and get it ready
No Reading.
It isn’t funny. I’m not kidding!

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