iPhone app for Ah Counter/Grammarian

Ah Counter iPhone app
Ah Counter iPhone app

Info: https://kleinosky.com/iphone/ahcounter/

See app in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ah-counter/id432492414?mt=8&ls=1

iPhone app: Ah Counter (432492414)

Description This app lets you count up usage of Word of the Day and count up usage of filler words such as .. um, Er, Uh, You Know, Like. It is perfect for speech club meetings and for helping your kids (and colleagues) prepare presentations and break the “filler word” habit.
– Add Word of the Day text to box.
– Tap WOTD box it to add to the WOTD count
– Reset WOTD count button (with confirm)
– Tap any of the 7 Filler word orbs, each tap adds 1 to the count for that orb plus the Filler Total: Count

  1. Um, Uh
  2. You Know
  3. And
  4. Actually
  5. So
  6. Like
  7. Other – use for anything else

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