I’m not on a “journey”, thank you very much

I’m not on a TM “journey” , thank you very much
(Warning: this is a rant)

My transparent facial expressions reveal my feeling every time I cringe every time I hear someone ask someone something like, “How long have you been on your Toastmasters Journey?”

I don’t know why it bothered me, but I did not and do not like it when the word “Journey” is used like that.

I heard an Ice Breaker speech yesterday while visiting a close club as guest speaker. The young woman gave a great speech and then in the third part said , “Now I want to tell you what I see in the future part of my Journey …” and I winced inside and though, “Darn, you had me loving this 100% til now”

Then, at the speed of thought, she said, “Let me change that, because *Journey* seems to me to be a word with possibilities as a negative, I prefer the word *adventure* which is full of positivity, challenge and fun”

Thank you Emily, for a wonderful speech and for explaining to me my *issue* and giving me the solution.

Enjoy your Toastmasters (and all other) adventures!

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