The BETTER way to Evaluate Club Officer Training

“How good was club officer training?” in Toastmasters. Each of the 7 club officers is expected to attend club officer training every 6 months, once each 6 month term.

The quality and effectiveness of this training varies all over the map; and the training effectiveness is very poorly measured in almost all places.

District leaders and trainers, want to know this of course. The problem is, they ask the wrong questions at the wrong time.

What is usually done to evaluate club officer training:  In the final 5  (or fewer) minutes of the session, participants are asked to complete an evaluation form. Often it asks about the facilities, the presenter, the material (sometimes).

The BETTER way/ What is needed: monitoring and evaluation of the trained officers 3,6 and 12 weeks after training.
with questions like:

Essay answer and 1-4 rating: 1 Very much 2=Some 3=Little 4=None

– Have you used what you learned in club officer training in your club officer role

– Have you changed your behavior/actions based on the club officer training 

Getting this kind of data, consistently, is the key to improving club officer training.

What will it take?





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