Pathways Level 2 insights (Toastmasters)

Here is some detail on Level 2 – which is part of all paths.

3 courses – the 3rd course is common to all paths – Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring, the other 2 courses always include one of 1. Understand Your Leadership Style (speech about your Leadership style or a leadership style)

the Mentoring step involves giving a speech about a time when you were a protegee

2. Understanding your Communications Style (speech about your communication style or a communication style)

Some paths use both of the “Understand …” courses, some paths replace one with something like “Active Listening”

In any event
Level 1: 4 speeches, 1 evaluator role
Level 2: 3 speeches

One example of the required speeches: Mentoring “Write and present a 5- to 7-minute speech about a time when you were a protégé. Share the impact and importance of having a mentor.”

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