not everything is 5-7 Minutes in Pathways…

Not every speech in Pathways is 5-7 minutes…
But just like the current educational program, many of the 59-ish Pathways communication projects are 5-7 minutes at the lower levels but many are not, at higher levels,

Exceptions include:

Level 1
Ice Breaker: 4-6 minutes
Evaluation and Feedback  – Evaluation: 2-3 minutes

Electives and Path-Specific projects
Deliver Social Speeches (both 1st and 2nd speech): 3-4 minutes each

Focus on the Positive: 2-3 OR 5-7 minutes

Planning and Implementing: 2-3 OR 5-7 minutes

Reaching a Consensus: 5-7 minutes OR 20-minute exercise plus 2- to 3-minute closing statement

Planning and Implementing: 2-3 OR 5-7 minutes

Create a Podcast: 2- to 3-minute intro and 5-10-minute podcast segment

Leading in Difficult Situations:  5- to 7-minute prepared speech AND 5 to 10 minutes for impromptu responses

Manage Online Meetings: 20-25 minutes

Manage Projects Successfully: 2-3 minutes first speech and second speech: 5-7 minutes

Managing a Difficult Audience:  10-15 minutes

Question and Answer Session: 20-25 minutes

Write a Compelling Blog: 2-3 minutes

Develop Your Vision: Two 5-7 minute speeches

Ethical  Leadership:  20-40 minutes

HPL: Two 5-7 minute speeches

Lead in Any Situation:  8-10 minutes

Moderate Panel Discussion:  20-40 minutes

Prepare to Speak Professionally:  18-22 minutes

Reflect on Your Path:  10-12 minutes

Team Building: 2-3 first speech and second 2nd speech: 5-7 minutes

Distinguished Toastmaster: 5-7 first speech and second 2nd speech: 8-10 minutes

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