Parts of every Toastmasters Pathways evaluation

I created a list of all Pathways project evaluations and listed which criteria (where evaluator scores from 1 to 5) are used in each…

Those criteria appear on page 2 of the 2-page feedback from of each project evaluation resource.

This article describes page 1 of the evaluation forms.

Page 1 includes 3 sections

  • Purpose Statements
  • Notes for the Evaluator
  • General Comments

Here is a simple description of common parts of each section

Purpose Statements

¦The purpose of this project is for the member to …  (this statement always starts the section)
¦The purpose of this speech is for the member to … (this is a common purpose statement used in many evaluations)

Notes for the Evaluator
Includes a description of what the member has done in the project before this speech and may include what to “Listen For:”

General Comments  – This section seems to be exactly the same on all 60-ish evaluation guides and contain the same 3 essay questions in the same order:

  • You excelled at:
  • You may want to work on:
  • To challenge yourself:


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