Pathways Level 2 Insights (Toastmasters)

Level 2 is the same in all 10 paths in some ways;
– each path Level 2 has 3 projects which each requires a single 5-7 minute speech.

One project, the 3rd of 3, is in every path
Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring” – the assignment involves presenting a speech about a time the member was a protegee and had a mentor.

For all paths, the other 2 projects include one or both of
Understanding Your Leadership Style” and  “Understanding Your Communication Style

Some paths include both of these “Understanding” projects, other paths include

  • Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring
  • 1 “Understanding” project
  • Another required course (e.g. Managing Time, Connect With Your Audience, Active Listening, etc.

2 paths: Motivational Strategies and Persuasive Influence, Team Collaboration include the project Active Listening, which requires the member to lead a TableTopics session. All other paths include Active Listening as an optional elective in Level3.

The “Understanding” projects both involve a questionnaire the member answers.
Pathways then presents a scoring of which types of “Style” (Leadership or Communication respectively) the member most uses based on the questionnaire.

In each project, the member is directed to *not* give a speech based on the Pathways training materials, but instead on the subject matter and optionally about their own experiences and understanding.

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