Pathways Level 3 Electives

Most of them… with a short description

Deliver Social Speeches

This project addresses the skills needed to compose a speech for a social occasion including a toast, eulogy, an acceptance speech and a speech…

Using Presentation Software

This project addresses the use of presentation software—from identifying topics that benefit from the use of technology to effective slide design and…

Connect with Storytelling

This project addresses storytelling techniques and descriptive skills to help make every speech relatable and interesting.

Creating Effective Visual Aids

This project addresses effective methods for choosing the best visual aid for your presentation along with the creation and use of each type.

Using Descriptive Language

This project addresses the difference between literal and figurative language along with how to determine when to use each to create vivid descriptions.

Connect with Your Audience

This project focuses on different audience types and how to address them effectively.

Make Connections Through Networking

This project focuses on how to network effectively and understanding the importance of being a professional ally to people in your network.

Focus on the Positive

This project addresses strategies for improving your personal interactions by understanding the impact of your attitudes and thoughts on daily interactions.

Inspire Your Audience

This project addresses how to present a speech in an enthusiastic and inspiring fashion to establish a strong rapport with your audience.

Prepare for an Interview

This project addresses the skills you need to identify and speak about personal strengths and present yourself well in an interview of any type.

Understanding Vocal Variety

This project addresses the importance of vocal variety when giving a speech and provides activities to develop and nurture its use.

Effective Body Language

This project focuses on how to recognize body language used when speaking publicly and how to use gestures to enhance speech content.

Active Listening

This project covers the difference between hearing and listening, and steps for exploring the ways listening helps build strong, lasting connections.


Evaluation guides and project details available on my demo personal Pathwaytracker #PathwayMK

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