“Outside the (home) club” in Pathways

In Toastmasters Pathways Learning Experience, members indicate a “home club” for each project. Of course for non-dual members this is trivial. Their only club is their “home club” for all projects. 🙂

In the current program, a member can do their speech manual project at any club, even if they are not a dual member without permission or approval. Usually, they have their filled in evaluation form as evidence of the completed project. Often this is done as a guest speaker at another club at the regular club meeting.

Beyond that members may elect to do up to 2 speech projects from any manual (2 of 10 CC manual projects and 2 of the 5 in any Advanced speech manuals) at events or in situations “outside the club environment”. These could be at Area or higher contests,  workshops at club officer training etc. Even in situations that have nothing to do with Toastmasters (work, play, or …. use your imagination 🙂

To get credit for an “outside the club” speech TI does have some rules: and these are specified clearly in the tI website FAQ:

 Can I give speeches outside of my club for credit?

Yes. You are allowed to do up to two speeches per manual outside of the club environment for credit toward an educational award, as long as you receive prior approval from your vice president education. You must receive a written and oral evaluation from a Toastmaster, although the Toastmaster does not need to be in the same club as you.
Speeches given at Toastmasters club meetings are considered to be in the club environment. Speeches given at any Toastmasters event that is not a club meeting are considered to be outside the club environment.Giving a speech as a test speaker in an evaluation contest, or competing in a speech contest is considered to be an outside speech as long as it is a manual speech.

Change in Pathways…
Things are a little different in pathways. The member fills in a detail form to request approval from VP Ed/Base Camp Manager of their home club for this project. The details include: start date and  end date, description of the project and the group you will work with and a selection of either:

  • at a club other than my home club
  • outside of Toastmasters

This form is selected as an option (Add External Training) in your “Education Transcript” system of PLE (Pathways Learning Experience)
Like most things in Pathways, there is a link (not live here) for a tutorial on how to do the thing, in this case it explains the form in detail

Below is a screen shot of the instructions in PLE for doing this a look at the fields on the request form.  Enjoy!


Path: * (Select)

Project: (Select)
Planned location for completion of your assignment: *
-in a club other than my home club
-outside of Toastmasters

3 thoughts on ““Outside the (home) club” in Pathways”

  1. As I read this I got confused between when you are giving your speech at another Toastmasters Club or a Speech at an external Toastmaster event.

    What if you belong to the other Toastmaster Club, are you allowed to give as many pathways speeches as you want?

    If you are a Club Coach are you restricted to the number of speeches you do there?

    Similarly what about projects like Speech Crafts, Youth Leadership, etc?

    In my case I am a member of one Pathways Club, a member of two 100% Online Clubs, and a member of three Hybrid Clubs.

  2. Hybrid , again, is not the right term.
    Youth leadership, speechcraft are part of TI club environment.

    No.restrictions for club coachs.. it’s in a club environment unless as a club coach you did not belong to the club.

    But this actually gives an additional problem. I certainly do not see why I should make my home club with the pathways. Does that mean if my home club is not pathways oriented, it will be the loophole if I insist my.home club is within pathways?

  3. Matthew Kleinosky

    No restrictions on number of pathways projects given outside the home club, or even outside Toastmasters at all.

    there is no official term “hybrid” club… there are clubs which allow online attendance

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