All about Pathways Badges…

Pathways introduces additional formal/official ways to receive give feedback to members beyond speech evaluations.

First let’s talk badges. Members earn badges for Pathways accomplishments.
Path badges
Path Activated badge – when a path is, well, activated (dimmed look)
  Visionary Communication Activated

Path Proficient badge – when path is completed
(badge file name is …”incomplete”)

  Visionary Communication Proficient
(badge file name is …”completed”)

Level Badges
Just like paths levels have activation badges – replaced with “Level # Achieved”. And they Accumulate with a counter on each. Instead of getting separate Level 1 badges for each path – the “Level 1 Achieved” badge gets a number in the bottom right corner for multiple times that level is completed. There s no “Level 5” Achieved badge – that is what the Path Proficient badge covers.

Here is a Level 1 badge after a 2nd Level 1 is completed

Pathways Mentoring program badges – This special program is not part of any path so it has its own activated and completed badges

Give Feedback/Badges to other members:

How that is done will be covered in another blog post – for now here are the FIVE badges which can be given among members:

Enjoy… and stay tuned for more!

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