The 2nd thing all members need to know about Pathways…

The 2nd thing all members need to know about Pathways…

Pathways, makes NO CHANGE in the process to receive an education award after the member completes all the projects required for it.

That process is a club officer needing to submit for the educational awards via Club Central on the TI website.

Completing a Pathways level does not automatically earn an education award.

The member needs to request that a club officer (usually, but does not have to be, VP Education)  submit for the education award in Club Central the way it has been for years

Some members are dual members and can have the award submitted through any of their clubs. Some members wish to delay the submission of the award instead of receiving it immediately after completing.

Pathways, thus , makes NO CHANGE in the process to receive an education award after the member completes all the projects required for it.

The ONE thing everyone needs to learn about Pathways:…

The ONE thing everyone needs to learn about Pathways:…
How to complete a project in Base Camp.

Put simply: complete and submit the “Assess Your Skills- After” page of the course

  1. After you take the course training on BaseCampordownload the Project pdf and training using the printable version …
  2. After you do the speech required by the project (95 % of projects require at least one speech)
  3. Go back into Base Camp (login / start Pathways) launch the project
  4. Navigate to the last page of the project “Assess Your Skills After”
  5. Answer the Assessment questions – ALL of THEM, when you have done that you WILL see the following type of Confirmation Page that tells you that you have completed the project.
    It doesn’t – but that is what it means


Pathways – To use pdf/print instead of online…

If you want to NOT read the project online and want to print it – it can be done in 3 simple steps:

1. Launch the project


2. Jump to “Your Evaluation” using pulldown:
Select to move to another section

3. Click on Print My Project, open and download the entire project as pdf and enjoy. Know that any videos of course cannot be viewed in print!

How a BaseCamp Manager approves a Pathways Level completion

In 3 steps.

After a member completes the required courses plus minimum number of Electives (in Levels 3/4/5) in a Level, the member has to enabled and “Mark Complete” the Level.
When this is done an email is sent to the club BaseCap Managers. The BaseCamp Manager must approve the Level completion before the member will have access to the next level or get credit for Level 5/path completion.

There are 3 steps for the Base Camp Manager to do this – it is very simple and easy.

  1. Login as BaseCamp Manager
  2. Open Pending requests Page”/Click on Pending Request Tile
  3. Click on green checkmark to approve any pending requests


Pathways File Naming

#PathwaysMK – Many pathways projects have current date of Revision:
Rev Date 11/2016
– Project file naming
While not 100 % consistent – Pathways file names have a general pattern of:
A= language
blank=English, I hAve found CS for Chinese e.g. “CS8201D” AND “CS8203D”
L=Level number (1-5) ## = course number withing level,
D=Project Description
E=Evaluation Resource
blank=full project
note that this coding is not maintained with the worksheets included in projects and inconsistent in some electives where suffice is added e.g. ‘L3’

worksheets seems be name 80## that zero in 2nd digit seems to be used for project worksheets and I cannot detect a pattern of the naming related to levels or projects

 For example, the worksheet for Level 1 Project 3 – Speech outline worksheet is named 8038, go figure

Have you noticed more patterns?

I got StageTime – and tried something for 1st time

Toastmasters District 60 has an online system where clubs can request speakers and evaluators to come to their club as visitors and fill a role called StageTime2.

A few days ago I applied online for the advertised vacant speaker slot.

Today, at SALUT (The UT is University of Toronto) club when they had an empty 2nd speaker slot and expected slightly lower attendance at end of term and holiday season approaching, I did a Part 1 speech of Evaluation and Feedback in Presentation Mastery path.

There were nine members – all roles were filled, the small, yes, intimate setting was warm and welcoming. The club also had a member do a Pathways IceBreaker today.

My speech was informational and I tried something I have never done before. After my opening I had the audience vote which of two themes they wanted me to proceed with – the scientific or the social/ethical side of the story of Henrietta Lacks.

The vote was 5-4 for the ethical/social side of the tale. I got lots of written feedback and a great oral evaluation by a member doing his first Pathways speech evaluation.

If you are in Toronto I highly recommend visiting Salut Toastmasters, if you are in District 60, I highly recommend making use of StageTime2, and to all I challenge you to try the “audience votes” for the thrust of the speech approach some time!

A value added TI Education award report

Yes, I wish TI would consider enhancing their dashboard reports – by adding column filtering and column specific searches (so people did not need to download reports and run spreadsheet software on their phones to do that) – and by adding optional versions with some summary data/calculations included.

I made up one example: The Education awards for a District, my example includes a little table at the top which shows how many of each award are in the report – divided into traditional and Pathways awards too.

Why, because some people are interested in the “uptake” of Pathways in their District or other Districts. This data can help them see something about that

Of course, in 3 years the traditional awards will be gone from the report 0- until then – or until TI includes this kind of added data – enjoy the report here – just select the district of interest and click report:

are there other TI dashboard reports you can suggest value-added changes to?

Education level designations under Pathways

First Last, CL, ACB
ABove is how education level achievements are listed with members’s names in rosters

That is changing a bit since Pathways does away with all traditional education award labels except DTM

In Pathways, the education award level/recognition change to:
the most recent path and level they completed

And they will not accumulate over multiple paths, only the most recently completed level in whatever path that was

EXCEPT: DTM, once a member achieves DTM, “DTM” stays after their name and is never replaced.

From the TI Pathways Guide Q&A log:

For example, Yolanda Gonzalez is working on the Presentation Mastery and Effective Coaching paths. When she completes Level 2 of Effective Coaching, her credentials display as EC2. Soon after, she finishes Level 3 of Presentation Mastery. Her credentials
then update to PM3. In club meetings, she could be introduced as Yolanda Gonzalez,PM3.
When a member completes a path, they also earn the Proficient designation. For example,when Yolanda completes the Effective Coaching path, she is considered Proficient in Effective Coaching and could be introduced as Yolanda Gonzalez, Effective Coaching Proficient.

there is one special designation outside of the 10 paths called “Pathways mentor” I do not know if/how that will be shown on member designation when earned. It may be like DTM and be ‘permanent”
I will know in a few months 🙂 – I have one step to go!

Should I stay or should I go?

“If I go, there will be trouble …”
with apologies to the Clash

TI has provided some guidance to help members decide on moving immediately to Pathways or continuing to work on traditional education awards during the 2 year overlap period….

The official document from TI seems to be basically about your progress on the leadership track.

Personally, I believe the decision can best be made considering in addition to the above:

  • What are your goals – both in terms of learning and awards you plan to achieve
  • WHat speeches have you accomplished, exactly
  • Hw long do you plan to stay in Toastmasters

If you need individual advice – just ask!

try Pathways online now! (even before your rollout…)

Curious about what a Pathways project is like online ? – try the iceBreaker here #PathwaysMK

Note: you will notice that the “Directions” section expands automatically on many pages of the project – this only happens in Level 1 projects….